Other sites of interest

1.) A2 Hosting for all your hosting needs and so much more. Pick your package!

2.) American Dream Nutrition – Effecting your health in the greatest possible way! Use ID#: 19965

3.) Avor.Link – A Voice of Reason – PDF Book, Audio’s, Video’s, and interviews with real people on a variety of subjects.

4.) Copyrighted.com – Use for a quick and safe way to copy right what you need. Pick what is right for you!

5.) Hushmail.com – An excellent source for email encryption, personal email, business email, law email, and Healthcare email. Can come with extra sources for specific forms, web forms, e-signatures, and HIPAA compliant. Pick the right package for you!

6.) John Adams on the air sharing truth via Blogtalk radio

7.) John Adams on the air sharing truth via blogspot.com

8.) Melaluca – Say no to Corporate Governance, change a few buying habits, get excellent organic product, no gmo’s, and now you can buy steak with no hormones. If you sign up use number 104127768. If you just want to be a customer send me a message of what you want to buy and we can make arrangements for payment.

9.)  Oregon Statewide Jural Assembly – We are working to restore the Oregon Constitutional Republican form of government.

10.)  The Supply Chain Meltdown –  How to Survive

11.) Webroot.com – An excellent source of protected email, devices, and more. Advanced email encryption, threat intelligence, DNS Protection, email privacy, endpoint protection, can give antivirus protection, and wi-fi security. Pick the package right for you!

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