New Beginnings and maintaining the course

Starting to make progress in other areas by communicating in all means possible the “Truth” of life in Christ Jesus as all redeemed saints work and wait for “That Blessed Day”.

4 thoughts on “New Beginnings and maintaining the course

  1. John, I may be wrong, but I always thought that the 0aths of office were supposed to be written, signed and recorded into public records. I can not, as of yet, found any statute or law that allows the oath to be taken on film only. I am still looking into this. If you have anything that you could add, I would be very greatful for your input.
    Thanks, Joe


    1. I have found them at Clerk of County’s office, District Clerk of Court and Secretary of State’s office. The Bar flys keep them on the back of a picture in their office because they do not want them shown. The oaths have to be files within 30 days are they are not valid as well. The study I have done shows they take take oaths from qualified people including Notary Publics.


      1. I have never heard that information regarding the oaths and where they are kept or hidden from the public. Is this true today as well as your date is back in 2017?


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